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About Us

Welcome to BGRC!

CAPTAINS:  Our rowing team work hard on our behalf to enable us to get out there on the water.  John Simmons is the club Rowing Captain and club Safety Officer.

Kirsty Wills & Sandie Carruthers are joint Ladies Captains.  Jason Matthews and Martin Huxter are sharing the role of Men’s Captain.  If you are a general rower and are interested in joining our squad rowers, feel free to approach Kirsty & Sandie or Martin & Jason for an informal chat.

Our General Rowing Captain is Anne Stone and she is assisted by three vice captains, Jo Huxter, Will Newell and John Preston.  If you have any queries or suggestions about general rowing, please feel free to speak to Anne, Jo, Will or John.

Mark Vanstone trains our junior squads, in addition to being their cox at regattas.  (Our coxes and club officers who work with our junior members have DBS checks and/or have undertaken Safeguarding of Children courses).

COXSWAINS:  Jason Matthews is our Lead Cox and he oversees the club’s group of dedicated coxswains.  Our club coxes have all undergone extensive coxswain training as well as undertaking VHF radio courses and first aid courses.  We always welcome new trainee coxes so if this is something that interests you, please speak to Jason, or the cox on your boat, about the possibility of embarking on coxswain training with the BGRC.

Please be aware that your cox is in charge of the boat at all times; his/her decisions are made for the overall safety of everyone the boat.  If you have any concerns when out rowing, please direct them to your cox, as s/he has responsibility for your welfare when out in the gig.  It is vital that your cox is aware of any change to your fitness, health or general wellbeing, so if you feel there is any change that we need to be aware of, however small or insignificant it may seem, please inform your cox, in confidence, before setting off for your row.

OTHER OFFICERS:  Steve Gardner is Chair of BGRC.  Christine Simmons is our Treasurer.  Rachel Maltby is the club Secretary.  Karen Buchanan-Harlow is the Membership and Learn to Row Secretary, so any initial communication about becoming a member, joining the club, or interest in our LTR course is done via Membership.  Sue Skillend is our club Welfare Officer.  If you have any cause for concern or complaint, please feel free to approach Welfare in confidence.  Mark Vanstone is the club Bosun, maintaining our boats and equipment.  Linda Stevenson-Guy is our Social Secretary.  A full list of all officers and contact details is available within the secure members section of the club website.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY (ICE):  We keep an up to date ICE list securely online that is available to all our captains and coxes.  Please ensure we have your current mobile number and email at all times.  Note:  You should choose someone who does not row with you as your ICE contact, e.g. a husband/wife should not use each other as ICE contact if they are both club members and might be rowing in the same boat together.

CLUB KIT:  As a member, you are more than welcome to order club kit – should you wish to do so – but there is no requirement for anyone to have kit as a general rower.  Speak to your captain if in doubt about rowing kit.  Kit can be ordered through our Kit Officer, Terry Urch.  Terry’s club email is   Samples of kit are available to view on the club website.

FACEBOOK:  We have a club Facebook page – Bridport Gig Club – which is used extensively by many of our members.  Our coxes often put information about spare seats in boats & rowing cancellations up onto the club Facebook page, plus regatta and info about gigs, for giggers, by giggers, also gets posted!  It’s also a nice way to keep in touch with club members, as photos and comments about/from regattas and rows, or anything relevant to rowing & the club, also gets posted.  If you would like to be added (it is a closed group) then please look for us on Facebook and request to join the group.  We have over 250 members so it can be a useful for club/gig info.

BRIDPORT LEISURE CENTRE:  An additional benefit to joining the gig club is that Bridport Leisure Centre offer a corporate rate for BGRC members.  If you aren’t a member at the Leisure Centre and are thinking of joining, just mention that you are a rower from Bridport Gig Club when making enquiries.  You will need to prove your BGRC membership (which can be provided by the club membership secretary) so that you can be offered their preferential (corporate) joining fee.

Thank you for your support