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Code of Conduct


BGRC is a community based club which aims to be inclusive by valuing equality of opportunity for all.  We therefore expect all members to follow these guidelines whether at regattas or at their home bases.

  • Consider the wellbeing and safety of all.
  • Wear clothing and footwear appropriate to the sport of gig rowing and the weather/sea conditions.
  • Promote the benefits of the sport in social and competitive participation.
  • Adhere to guidelines / rules as set by the CPGA including the welfare of adults and children, health and safety, sea safety, racing rules and general rules.
  • Encourage all participants to value their performance and those of others, not just results.
  • Make sure of the appropriateness of age, ability and experience to the activity.
  • Set a good example – accept the coxes and umpires decision, maintain composure at all times. If you are representing the club at races, regattas or any other event, not to shout or ridicule rowers or officials.
  • Promote the positive aspects of the sport, especially fair play, friendship and respect.
  • Accept responsibility for your actions.
  • Display high standards in use of language and manners.
  • Report to the club Membership Officer any known medical conditions or changes to medical conditions that may affect your ability to participate in any club activity.
  • Avoid any actions that may endanger other club members and make the Safety Officer and Captains aware of any actions that might be endangering another club member.


We recognise that social media offers excellent opportunities for our club members and other club members to stay in touch, share ideas and information and promote our club and the sport.  BGRC has a very active Facebook page, and we encourage all members to join and participate.  However, there are a few very basic rules which we would appreciate you following when using social media.

  1. Be respectful to each other.
  2. Be thoughtful – don’t post updates/photographs which could cause embarrassment.
  3. Handle complex issues privately and through the correct channels.
  4. Don’t escalate contentious issues.
  5. Don’t share other people’s personal information.
  6. Don’t share confidential information.
  7. Adhere to the Code of Conduct guidelines above, when posting to Facebook.

We have three administrators on our Facebook page – Steve Gardner (Chair), Anna Pretty (Director) and Karen Buchanan-Harlow (Membership & LTR Secretary).  If you are unhappy about a post which appears on our Facebook page, please contact one of these admins.


BGRC demands an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or other intimidating personal behaviours. We are committed to maintaining a professional and harassment-free working and rowing environment – a place where club members act with respect for one another and for those with whom we interact.

The following behaviour is expressly prohibited and may result in exclusion from BGRC.

  • Unwelcome conduct – whether verbal, physical, or visual – that is based on a person’s protected status, such as race, colour, religion, sex, age, national origin, citizenship status, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or any other protected status.
  • Abusive language and/or physical aggression, deliberately causing injury to another or any disorderly conduct or malicious disturbance. This includes intimidation or harassment of others.
  • Sexual harassment. This includes unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favours, as well as other physical, verbal, or visual conduct based on sex when:

Submission to the conduct is an explicit or implicit term or condition of participation; or the conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with the individual’s participation by creating a hostile, offensive, or intimidating environment.

Sexual harassment is conduct based upon sex, whether directed toward a person of the same or opposite sex.


Any member can raise a concern/complaint with the Club Welfare Officer and/or the Club’s Directors.

Whoever receives the concern/complaint should document the details of it and email these to the Club Welfare Officer and/or any of the Club’s Directors, together with any known background information. This should be done within 5 days of receiving the concern/complaint.

The Club’s Directors and the Welfare Officer will agree a process for examining, addressing and responding to the concern/complaint.  Discretion will be used if the concern/complaint relates to a Director or the Club Welfare Officer.

The complainant will receive a written response to their concern/complaint from the Welfare Officer or Chair, or an elected Director

Last Updated December 2018