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Learn to Row

Learn to Row Course Dates:

We have currently completed all our course dates for January-July 2019.  No further dates are scheduled at the moment but this is reviewed regularly.  Please email our Membership Secretary  ( to discuss LTR courses and available dates.  New dates are scheduled on an on-going basis, throughout the year when we have boat, cox and crew availability.

Learn to Row Course Information:

Our comprehensive Learn to Row (LTR) course is a great place to begin rowing.  This covers all the fundamentals and will help to iron out bad habits before you start!  The Learn to Row Course is based on 4 sessions (detailed below).

Courses are normally delivered over three separate days on dates agreed by our LTR team.  LTR1 and LTR2 run concurrently over one full morning, LTR3 follows one week later, with LTR4 a week after that.  Courses usually run on Thursday and Saturday mornings, with LTR modules starting no earlier than 8.00am and finishing no later than 1.00pm.  (During summer daylight hours we also occasionally offer evening LTR courses; modules running from 5.30pm and finishing at 8.00pm).

LTR 1 – 1.5 hrs 75% land based  25% on pontoon/boat tied up teaching the basics of rowing stroke.
LTR 2 – 1 hr 100% water – no launch or retrieval – breaking rowing stroke down + safety.
LTR 3 – 1.5 hrs 50% land based/launching, 50% water with focus on developing rowing stroke learnt in session 2. Recap safety.
LTR 4 – 1.5 hrs 50% water with drills focusing on stroke rate, stroke power, ratio and blade depth, recap safety. 50% retrieving boat and returning to yard, stowing equipment etc.

To participate in our LTR course, and in line with British Rowing guidelines, you must be able to:

Swim 50 metres in gig rowing clothing
Tread water for 2 mins
Swim underwater for 5 metres

Unless you have gig rowing experience, we ask that all prospective members complete our LTR before joining the club fully.  If you wish to take part in our Learn to Row program, join our waiting list, or have any questions, please contact our Membership Secretary via email:

LTR course fees:

Temporary membership is £10 (payable in advance, by registration online) .  This is valid for 6 weeks and gives you membership of the club whilst attending your LTR course.  You may also ride out in the pilot seat if you wish to do so.

The LTR course fee is £25 for Adults or £10 for Juniors (payable online via our BOOK A COURSE facility on the club website.  Course payments should be completed before commencement of LTR).