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If you are new to BGRC, whether as a complete beginner, or an experienced rower, please contact our Membership Secretary via email, before you fill out an online membership registration.  Please email:

We offer various levels of membership from single to family.  Membership is yearly and runs from from January 1st to December 31st.  We offer pro rata concessions for those joining midway through the year (effective from 1st July, annually).  We row throughout the week and every weekend from Fisherman’s Green in West Bay.  We welcome everyone to come down, watch what we do and chat with our members and officers to find out more.

For experienced rowers who wish to join BGRC racing squads part-way through the year from another gig club: please be aware that CPGA state that an individual can race for one club only.  Therefore if you are an experienced gig rower applying to join BGRC as part of the racing squad(s), you must declare your intent to race only for BGRC from the point of joining.  (The same rule would apply in reverse for any BGRC club member who may be considering leaving BGRC to row for another club),

CPGA state that movement from one club to another is only permitted once during the rowing season and no changes shall be effective after the 1st August. Written evidence from both clubs is required prior to the date stated.

A full BGRC club membership will be payable, with our relevant club membership forms and health declaration forms being fully completed, before anyone can be considered to participate as a member of BGRC racing squad(s).

If any current BGRC club members have plans to change to another club, or if any new members wish to us from another club, please advise Karen Buchanan-Harlow, our membership secretary, via an email so that we can keep our membership lists accurate for submission to CPGA.  Thank you.


NEW for 2019 – Membership payments will now be online.

If you are new to gig rowing you will need to take one of our Learn to Row courses before you participate in any of our General or Squad rowing sessions.

Pay per row

  • All members: £2 pp (Juniors/Youth are FOC).
  • Squad: Pay up to 3 training rows per week, then FOC. This is discretionary and at trust.
  • LTR rows: Crew pay £1 each.

All rowing fees are given to the cox on the boat at the start or end of your row.


2019 Membership Fees

Types of Membership Available

Membership TypeDescriptionPro-rata fee as from 01.07.2019
AdultAdult annual full membership£ 35.00
ConcessionsJob seekers allowance, income support, housing benefit, pension credits,
mature (full time) students. Over 60's. All discretionary.
£ 25.00
YouthUp to and including 21 year olds in full time education.£ 7.00
Family2 adults and 2 children; additional children to pay standard youth fee per individual.£ 65.00
SocialMembership to participate in club events and to go out in the pilot seat but does not allow rowing.£ 7.00
Temporary MembershipAdult Membership required to book a Learn to Row course, or bespoke development row, or to go out on a row as a passenger in the pilot seat. NEW MEMBERS ONLY. Does not include participation in a racing squad.£ 10.00 / 6 weeks

Please contact our membership secretary, for further information or if you are unsure which membership category is applicable to you.