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All memberships and payments are now online!

Before you can attend a learn to row course, become a member or renew an existing membership you must first register on the website. Please enter your details below.

Parental / Carer Information for Junior Members
Please enter your In Case of Emergency (ICE) person Contact details. Please ensure you do not give the name of someone you might row with. For Juniors we will attempt to contact the Parent/Carer in the first instance, please provide an alternative contact.
Please read this carefully: Regular physical activity is fun and healthy. Being more active is very safe for most people. However, some should check with their GP before they start becoming much more physically active. Bridport Gig Rowing Club (BGRC) accepts no liability for persons who undertake physical activity; if in doubt consult your GP prior to physical activity. Rowers should expect a review with Squad Captains when joining a Squad. Medical info will be shared with Coxes and Squad Captains if relevant.
I certify that: I am able to swim 50 metres in gig rowing clothing, that I can tread water for 2 minutes and that I can swim under water for 5 metres, as per the recommended standard issued by British Rowing.
Please enter the names of the family member you would like included in your Family Membership. Remember that each family member will also be required to Register separately.